locr Maps API


locr maps is a server service for the provision of dynamically generated topographical maps in Mercator projection. The interface consists of a Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture for calling up digital maps in JPEG  format. The service runs on a Linux System.


It is generally very easy to call up maps. You simply need to specify the size of the desired map in pixel and select two rectangle corner points of the geographical area to be mapped in longitude and latitude.

Example procedure for calling up a map:


Figure 1: Sicily in A4 landscape format.


In the above example, instead of specifying the size of the map in pixel, the metric unit cm is used (width_cm and height_cm). At a DPI value of 300, this translates into a size of 3,508 x 2480 pixels (see Figure 1). The result is therefore the same when instead of width_cm and height_cm, the parameters width and height are used in conjunction with the relevant values.

The service constantly ensures that the geographical area selected is always visible on the map of results; i.e. in a different format, Sicily remains visible in our example.

Example procedure for calling up a map:


Figure 2: Sicily in A4 portrait format


The rendering process for a highresolution map may take some time. To get a map within a short time as first impression please choose a map from the preview mode.

Depending on place, country and area size the rendering of preview maps takes between 5 tp 30 seconds. In some extrem cases this can take up to 60 seconds.

Creating a map in printing qualtity the rendering takes several minutes. In extrem cases this time can get up to 30 minutes.