You can create additional texts on the map. These texts can be attached to an Icon or positioned on their own.


Specifications for positioning a text on the map.


T (Text)

Declare a text which is attached to the character.

The text has to be in “url-code”, possible colons (/:) and semicolons (/;) have two be escaped. Additionally line breaks (word wraps) should be deleted.

P (Position)

Positioning the label to the character

    • R = right

    • T = top

    • B = bottom

    • C = center

    • TR = top-right

    • BR = bottom-right

FC (FontColor)

Font color [see color chart for possible parameters]

FS (FontStyle)

Font style

    • N = normal

    • B = bold

    • I = italic

    • BI = bold-italic

FG (FontGrade)

Font grade Font size from -5 to +5

Designing a character request



* URL-requests cannot exceed 8192 characters!

* Maximum of 99 icons per map!