Batch job download data

After the execution of the batch-job the data can be downloaded with the action download and the request-Id or the batch-job-name.

A batch job can contain three different tasks:

- Geocoding of addresses (geocoding) 

- Assigning customer addresses to destination addresses (routing) 

- Creation of the maps (map_creation)

The results of the batch jobs can be downloaded separately or in full.

This is done via the HTTP-GET-call to the batch job requestId/batch-job-name and the associated parameters:



The result is a compressed zip file, containing all available data and can be stored locally.

Parameters to specify the download data:


Example:<RequestId>& download_only=maps<RequestId>& download_only=customer_addresses_geocoded

*Note: All addresses information is available to download for free! For additional information Distance, Driving Time or Geocodes additional cost can apply!

Additional information for parameter [chargeable]*:

- customer_addresses_geocoded

- shop_addresses_geocoded

- customer_addresses_all

- shop_addresses_all

To download the first 20 addresses for free for review or approval, use the additional parameter:


Download all addresses with additional information:

Downloading all addresses with additional geo-information (Geocodes, Distance or Dirving Time) must be confirmed with a token as the additional geo-information is chargeable.

Start HTTP-GET-Call:<RequestId>& download_only=customer_addresses_all&add_lat_long=1

Sample for URL response:






            <Created>2012-06-01 12:00:00</Created>





Token: 12345678901234567890

HTTP-GET URL to start a complete maps production:<RequestId>& download_only=customer_addresses_all&add_lat_long=1&token=12345678901234567890

The following parameters are optional

With these parameters a large number of addresses can be divided into smaller files for download. The starting value of an address file and the number of data, that should be included in one file, can be defined. This helps to reduce the download time for the data-files.

Example:<RequestId>& download_only=maps&download_file_start=1& download_file_limit=10000

Error message:

Example request :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<Error type="PermissionError" subtype="ContractViolated">

    <Details>permanently prohibited</Details>